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Fotos: 123rf/ Keng Po Leung, Vladislav Siaber & Elizaveta V. Koifman

Customized courses

For you who don't need a certifikate from DFR - but want to learn about various first aid topics from personal interest.
Also for you who can't complete a certified course, eg. because you bring a baby or due to vulnerabilities / disabilities.

Can children learn first aid?
Yes, absolutely. Kids are cool and learn fast.
Teaching and content simply needs to be organized according to age.
Small children can eg. learn to call for help, comfort, cool a burn etc.
From approx. the age of 10, I will be happy to teach children CPR.
In courses that include children, I offer a nice homemade diploma.

I use my knowledge as a physiotherapist and my background as a
sergeant in The Danish Emergency Management Agency actively.
Presentations will be short and very to the point,
and we will spend plenty of time practicing relevant scenarios.
You learn with your body - not only with ears and eyes...

  • A patient organisation would like to learn about cardiac arrest and stroke (or epilepsy or...)

  • A group of parents wants to bring their babies and learn about CPR, obstructed airways, burns and poisoning.

  • (Grand)parents would like a course with their (grand)children, learning first aid to minor injuries and burns (possibly CPR for bigger children).

  • A group of dancers would like a course on CPR, anaphylactic shock and sprains.

Feel free to take a look at the certified courses for topic inspiration.
Or write and ask what I would recommend specifically for your group
- I don't bite.

My CPR manikins (adult, junior and baby) are equipped with electronic feedback technology. Each participant can follow eg. compression depth, tempo and the volume of air when we practice cardio-pulmonal resuscitation.

We will uphold strict hygienic conditions during all courses.
I reserve the right to reduce the max no. of participants pr. course,
depending on the guidelines from the Danish health authoritues.