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Courses, certified by the Danish First aid council
(Dansk FørstehjælpsRåd - DFR)

I use my knowledge as a physiotherapist and my background as a
sergeant in The Danish Emergency Management Agency actively.
Presentations will be short and very to the point,
and we will spend plenty of time practicing relevant scenarios.
You learn with your body - not only with ears and eyes...

My CPR manikins (adult, junior and baby) are equipped with electronic feedback technology. Each participant can follow eg. compression depth, tempo and the volume of air when we practice cardio-pulmonal resuscitation.

We will uphold strict hygienic conditions during all courses.
I reserve the right to reduce the max no. of participants pr. course,
depending on the guidelines from the Danish health authoritues.

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Basic educations:
  • Basic life support - 240 min.
  • Basic life support for children - 240 min.
  • First aid in case of accidents - 120 min. + (must be combined with other courses)
Optional extra courses (usually combined with a basic education):
  • First aid and prevention for children - 150 min
  • First aid for bleedings - 90 min
  • First aid in case of chemical exposure - 30 min.
  • First aid for minor accidents - 90 min.
  • First aid in connection to illness - 90 min
  • First aid in case of musculosceletal injuries, incl. injuries to the head - 90 min.
  • First aid for injuries related to temperature stresses - 60 min
Combined educations:
  • First aid for adults responsible for children - 420 min
  • Citizen first aid - 420 min
Update educations:
  • Update of basic life support - 180 min
  • Update of emergency life support - 180 min